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Puerto Rico guayabera shirts excel

Puerto Rico Guayabera ShirtsOne reason that Puerto Rican guayabera shirts are specifically so popular is because of their importance to Puerto Rican culture. Since guayaberas are the customary dress for all of the men and boys on the island, they have to be carefully crafted to manufacture a product that continues to impress. Debra Torres understands the importance of Puerto Rico guayabera shirts and wants to help our customers practice their customs with pride. The typical shirt is shaped more like a jacket and is worn over an undershirt. We have more casual shirts that are usually made of cotton and worn during the day as well as more formal versions for evening wear. Puerto Rico guayabera shirts are often embellished with patterned embroidery that runs down the pockets of the shirt. Browse our website for the most authentic Puerto Rican shirts on the internet.

Advantages of linen guayabera shirts

Linen Guaybera ShirtsAlthough we offer silk taffeta and cotton guayaberas, there are some very unique attributes of linen that make it a special choice. For warm and hot weather, linen will give you the coolest feel. A natural fiber, linen allows your skin to breathe better than with other fabrics. It is designed to allow for more air circulation and also works to gently absorb perspiration from the body. For the most comfortable clothes for holidays and special events, linen guayabera shirts are ideal. If your skin is susceptible to inflammation or allergies from natural fibers, then linen is the safest choice. Please allow our linen guayabera shirts to make you the talk of the party.

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